In Memoriam

Patty’s Pierogi was started in February of 2011, this is when we originally started discussing the idea of selling our home made pierogi made from scratch, we always thought our mother would be there with us, tasting and critiquing all of our products, but on June 10th 2011 our beloved mother left us without warning, her untimely death has left a giant hole through our hearts and an unfillable void in many other family members as well.

Her cooking was one of the ways she showed her love to us, when she made certain dishes like pierogi, hand cut noodles or haluski, news would travel fast between family, friends and neighbors and soon the pots, bowls and plates would be empty.

The love in her cooking was as obvious as the flavors, she didn’t settle for anything less than perfection, if anything had a speck or a blemish it was discarded without hesitation. We work in the kitchen everyday knowing that she is there with us, so we do everything in a manner in which she would approve.

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